The road to Morocco

In one year from France to Morocco.
Who could and would ever have dreamt of that.
And yet it happened…

One year ago, together with Steven Vanhoegaerden, one of the first grammers I started coaching, I conquered Mont Ventoux not once, not twice, but three times, and all in the space of two days.
Not only because of the apocalyptic conditions – we were surprised several times by hellish thunderstorms and hailstorms – a groundbreaking achievement. And once you have conquered such a challenge, you soon start looking for the next challenge; grander and more spectacular.



Enter – Roc du Maroc.
Six days to conquer 666 kilometres and 8,500 altimeters by MTB in the wild landscape of Morocco.
A challenge not to be underestimated.

When you enjoy the process,
your goal becomes a milestone,
not a finish line.

How did we prepare ourselves for such a calvary ride? Keep training consistently for a year in order to become physically, mentally and cognitively stronger.
Seems simple, no? Well, it most certainly is not. Combining work, private life and training turned out to be the real challenge more than once, so training schedules were adjusted more than once.
Our technique was polished one last time by Belgian MTB champion Jens Schuermans, our equipment was fine-tuned and we said goodbye to those who had supported us through thick and thin for a year.

Now the real work; clammy hands, but very much looking forward to it.

Let’s go!

Ward Pellegrims