The ripple effect of GRAM

Note: because of privacy reasons the name of the executive has been altered to ‘Jessica’.


Jessica is both a mother and a driven, influential executive of a global enterprise. Two years prior to engaging with GRAM, she experienced a health hick-up. Therefore, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started doing yoga and meditation.

Despite these changes and the pressure at work, she wanted to include more physical activity in her daily life. Balancing more physical activity with work to boost focus and alertness, was her goal. However, due to her busy schedule and her responsibilities, she had difficulties managing to prioritise the workout time.

For this very reason she contacted GRAM and engaged in the program, customised to her busy schedule.


Two months into this program, Jessica noticed the first changes on her physical and mental capacity. Besides her physical gains, she was surprised by the impact of physical activity on her mental sharpness. Additionally, she enjoys being more physically active.

In the end, she experienced the following physical and mental improvements:

  • Increase in overall fitness and capacity
  • Increase in running distances without injuries
  • Lower heart rate during physical activity
  • Increase in mental sharpness & alertness
  • A higher mental resilience noticed by having a more positive mindset when tackling complex challenges at work.

Furthermore, Jessica experienced a positive ripple effect of this program on her team as well as on her family. First of all, her team sees how she successfully prioritises physical activity into her overloaded schedule and is thereby stimulated to be more active too. They even started to hold each other accountable!

Secondly, the ripple effect on her family is noteworthy. Her husband and children are inspired to be more physically active. As a matter of fact, she and her daughter started running together. Jessica now enjoys more quality time together with her family as the program makes her more efficient at work.

In conclusion, by deciding to include more physical activity in her daily life, Jessica’s fitness and mental sharpness increased. When she prioritised physical activity on a regular basis, she noticed her working hours to be more efficient and qualitative. This had a positive ripple effect on her team and family. Eventually, the program lead to physical fitness, more quality time with family and more quality on the job.