The influence of exercise

We all know that a healthy lifestyle has multiple benefits in the long term. But can exercise boost productivity today?

Briston University conducted a study on 200 employees at three organisations. The employees evaluated themselves on a day with and without exercise. In conclusion, participants’ results on workout days were:

  • 21% higher for concentration on work

  • 27% higher for coping with stress

  • 25% lower for unscheduled breaks

  • 41% for feeling energised to work


The influence of exercise on work performance.png

These findings of improved productivity levels are to be found in numerous studies mentioned at the bottom of the page. On top, these studies also emphasise

  • a significant reduction in sick leave

  • improved feelings of well-being

  • a better health-related quality of life and mood.

Furthermore, a study at the University of Oslo found exercise to be a better mechanism to cope with stress in comparison to management training.

Additionally, one study by Limbach et al. summed up their findings as: “CEOs’ physical fitness has a positive impact on firm value, consistent with the beneficial effects of fitness on, e.g., cognitive functions, stress coping and job performance. CEO fitness is also associated with higher firm profitability and higher M&A announcement returns.”.

Physical activity (PA) is an effective method of capitalizing on brain plasticity and improves cognitive function through a host of different pathways. Erickson et al. describes the influence of PA as a greater hippocampal, prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia volume. It ensures

  • greater functional brain connectivity

  • greater white matter integrity

  • more efficient brain activity

  • superior executive and memory function.

It is increasingly clear that PA determines positive biological and psychological effects. These affect the brain and cognitive functioning and promote a condition of well-being. Additionally, an emerging line of scientific evidence indicates that PA triggers potent neuroplastic phenomena, partly mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. In fact, PA causes profound alterations in gene expression and its protein products in the form of epigenomic manifestations. This creates longer-lasting effects than previously thought, up to the point to affect future generations.

To put science into practice and to measure the subjective impact of our program, we conducted a self-reported work performance survey. Our GRAM executives were asked to self-score a number of specific work performance skills in this survey. They appointed a score to these skills before the start of their program and 6 months into their program.

Our positive findings are in line with the literature up to date. Moreover, they strongly confirm the benefits of planning a fusion of Olympic-level expertise into your busy schedule. Thereby, we can Olympify your physical, mental and cognitive capacity.



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