Putting aside your old habits just like that is not easy, it takes a lot of time. But GRAM takes the time needed to optimise your daily habits and let you find a new balance.

– Fabiaan Van Vrekhem, chairman at Accord Group Belgium


Kris Vansanten talks about what makes GRAM so unique – 02:13
Bert Longin talks about why he started with GRAM – 00:43
Luc Debruyne talks about tackling his challenges – 01:11
Dorota Cebartowska talks about her personal growth – 01:20
Steven Vanhoegaerden talks about his revalidation with GRAM – 00:42
Dieter De Vos talks about how GRAM opened his eyes – 02:27
Clo Casier talks about how she would summarise GRAM – 00:28
Fabiaan Van Vrekhem talks about changing his life habits – 01:00
“Today, one year into the program of GRAM I simply get more work done in one day.”

Joeri Vanhumbeeck – Founder, Owner & CEO at Carconnex

“Their unique understanding of the human body and their ability to apply this knowledge to my individual case and particular injury helped me to regain the fitness and overall health…

Sylvia Gilis – Director at Citrique Belge / Managing Partner at Rifle Bird Capital / Co-Founder at Breathe

“GRAM is a truly passionate and dedicated performance coaching company aiming for daily excellence using up-to-date academic expertise and technology.”

Werner Helsen – Professor Emeritus at KU Leuven / Sport Scientist & Training Expert at UEFA

“I seriously doubt that I would have been as successful in business and happy in my personal life if I hadn’t had the continuous coaching of GRAM, placing such importance…

Tom Van Heffen – CEO at Texet Benelux & France

“I noticed that combining this well thought physical training with my busy working schedule gave me another level of leadership and productivity.”

Bert Longin – Owner & CEO at Longin Service / Racing Driver

GRAM CHALLENGE I Coaching & Performance
“GRAM is a professional service which is focused and combines thorough knowledge of the human body and up to date expertise with a solution driven approach.”

Vincent Busschaert – Managing Partner at Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick

GRAM CHALLENGE I Coaching & Performance
“GRAM offers a proposition for people who are in the midst of a very busy life where their objective is not to become an Olympic champion, but where the objective…

Kris Vansanten – Founder & Managing Partner at Quanteus Group

“It does not only give me mental sharpness, but also a positive mindset. I now tackle problems by looking at them from a more positive perspective, which is having a…

Sabine Everaet – Non-Executive Board Member at ING Belgium

“I am amazed how this program transformed the daily routine into simple engaging challenging, exercises, … with a positive impact on energy, sleep, attitude, interactions, can-do, …”

Luc Debruyne – Former President at GSK Global Vaccins / Strategic Advisor at CEPI

GRAM CHALLENGE I Coaching & Performance

The science is loud and clear.

Mental sharpness, long term health, energy, concentration, creativity, lead by example, ripple effect, resilience, self-esteem, body posture in meetings, positive approach towards challenges, coping with pressure, quality of life, family bonding… Our executives reported all of these topics to be positively influenced through their GRAM-experience.

The science is loud and clear. The right type and volume of physical activity at the right time, combined with the right nutrition, sleep architecture and metabolic functioning will not only boost your cognitive skills, i.e. concentration, stressmanagement, memory, etc. It will bolster your physical as well as your mental capacity and resilience. Applying this specific science embodied with our Olympic coaching approach has resulted in multifactorial successes.


Our circle of experts. Your circle of trust.

Our circle of experts, built around you, will nudge their Olympic level knowledge & expertise, at the right time in the right way, into your hyper-personalized and individualized program. Our team injects a fusion of physical, mental, nutritional, medical, metabolical and neurological key performance indicators into your daily work & life habits to exceed and sustain your capacity.