And as a result to maximise the quality of human life,
professionally and privately.
Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

GRAM CHALLENGE I Coaching & Performance

“I am on an upwards slope towards reaching my objectives and compared to last year, I made a big step forward. I’m quite happy to see that I belong to a group of people who are still energized and moving forward and who still have the rest of their life ahead of them.”

GRAM CHALLENGE I Coaching & Performance

To crush this goal we embody …

Continuous intensive monitoring and holistic coaching towards more profitable habits, so as to sustain your transformation.

Intelligent planning and continuous re-planning of your physical, mental, nutritional and medical actions facilitating your busy and constantly changing schedule.

Circle of Transformation


We organise an intake call or face to face meeting where you enlighten us with your story, vision and mission. Together we determine if you hold the Olympic mindset, and in consequence, if this method and program will benefit you professionally and privately.


We will organise the kick-off screening with the 4 experts and yourself. During this screening you will be screened on all 5 domains, providing us with a profound insight of your starting point. This will guide us during our travel together towards which road will be most efficient for you.


Starting the day after your screening you will enjoy the Olympic hyper-personalised coaching in an intensive yet subtle manner on a daily basis. Applying the Olympic performance strategies means that you will be monitored and coached continuously, so as to adapt your schedule immediately and appropriately to any possible change that will impact the human performance. It also means that you will be monitored and coached through a continuous fusion of different key-expertises assuring every aspect of human performance is taken into account.


According to your starting point and goals we will design your optimal navigation plan covering your Olympic year. In case of injury at your starting point or during your program, a rehabilitation plan will be agreed upon and integrated within your program. Your plan will be structured on a weekly basis with daily adaptations, according to your business and private schedule changes, never losing your end-goal out of sight.

Our circle of experts. Your circle of trust.

Our circle of experts, built around you, will nudge their Olympic level knowledge & expertise, at the right time in the right way, into your hyper-personalized and individualized program. Our team injects a fusion of physical, mental, nutritional, medical, metabolical and neurological key performance indicators into your daily habits to maximise your quality of life, and by consequence your quality of performance.