Our fusion of expertise

The human body is a communicating vessel system consisting of hugely complex interlinked mechanisms. Every input will generate an impact on a variety of outputs. As a consequence human performance and resilience is the result of an intelligent management of your paradigms and habits in different areas such as the physical and mental area, the sleep en cognition area, the medical and para-medical area, and last but not least the nutritional area.  


For this reason we apply an intensive fusion of these different expertises in our method towards Olympifying ones capacity. 




Sleep and concentration issues are challenges we all know too well, yet very few really understand what ‘good’ sleep means, why concentration lacks at times. To cover these areas our neuroscientist approaches the challenge by focussing on the neural mechanisms of memory formation and the biological function of sleep. 



When we try to finally get some sports in our day, we are way too often confronted with injuries, forcing us to stop again, get caught into the catch 22 of excuses not to plan any more sports in our well too packed day, lowering our resilience even more.  Preventative measures and curative musculoskeletal science, also applied to his Olympic athletes, are integrated into the program. In addition, our Physical and Mental expert will bring about the knowing how to plan, re-plan and constantly adapt the right physical stimuli at the right time according to your business and private agenda.



Off course this para-medical branch is closely linked to the medical one in which our medical expert will push the bar even further and will advice the whole team, including the executive, on topics ranging from the hormonal balances, metabolic as well as musculoskeletal problems, optimising cross-talk between your immune system and brain through exercise. 




Finally, probably the best known challenge is the challenge of input. How hard is it nowadays to know what to eat and what not to eat, and on top, when you have to eat it!? For this reason our nutritional expert integrates the knowledge of what she uses as nutritional methods with the Olympic athletes, and adapts it accordingly so you will not have to doubt or double check when you are eating what.