How our story began

I have always thrived on intellectual challenge and the highest possible quality. Working with elite level athletes made me realise the beautiful complexity of human performance. It made me want to do more than deliver my personal best for the small group of athletes working at this non-compromised quality level. They deliver results that are mainly scored upon physical output, with powerful mental skills mandatory to perform daily. The science up to date regarding the structural physical topic is vastly elaborated.  


But now, imagine… a group of people who would have that same vision, discipline and passion as these athletes. Who would have the willingness and ability to change. Who would have the agility to anticipate in our evermore accelerating world. Yet, a group of people who’s performance is scored upon mental and cognitive outputs instead of the physical one. Knowing that science up to date is far from explaining all processes grinding in our powerful and complex brain. Imagine the massive margin for improvement we can still make on this neuro-motor domain? Imagine how efficient and resilient we could be?  


Well, this group of people, is you!

The top executive with the Olympic mindset. The top executive with the same vision to push for their goals, the same discipline to keep on going and the same passion to achieve their personal best. However, this group of people, you, do not have the same level of coaching as these Olympic athletes. You do not have the same level of coaching to get you there today, but especially to keep you there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 

And so, January 6th 2019 I committed to my vision and passion. I found 3 other like minded top experts, each in their domain and we launched GRAM. An Olympic level coaching company for corporate executives with the Olympic mindset. This company is 100% grounded in science and crafted by Olympic expertise. I am strongly convinced we have the ability to positively impact a lot of lives. I am certain we can Olympify your capacity.  

For me personally, the path I took in starting up this business is undoubtably one of the most confronting and therefore interesting processes I have been through so far. I got a real sense of ‘the power of passion’ and how it unlocks ’the power of networking’. I feel only gratitude towards all of the executives who have repeatedly prioritised their brain activity and scarce time towards this start-up. So many inspired me to ‘believe and persist’, the strongest message I take with me after battling through their honest yet constructive feedback.  

I am proud of my team and genuinely happy to have come so far as to achieve undeniably meaningful and durable results with these executives, these early adopters who have the vision and passion to believe & persist together with us.  

One of them is Luc, a truly inspirational person (Former President GSK Global Vaccines) who wrote down his experience regarding his road to Olympify his capacity.