Our data-collecting strategies



In order to know one has to measure.

That’s why we highly value our data-collection and the lessons we learn from them. They form the solid foundation of why we do what we do. 

During the kick-off screening an important battery of tests will be unleashed upon you. In order to test all of the parameters that are of interest to your performance we spare nor effort nor cost. We test your hart functionality with an electrocardiogram during resting as well as during maximal effort. We measure your lactate acid levels according to your heart rate, pace and time. Your maximal oxygen uptake capacity during this maximal effort is documented as well as your body composition measures, such as fat percentage, length, weight, etc.. A sports medical screening is performed to ensure no other issues are missed. A specifically developed neuro-scientific questionnaire will provide a deep dive into the science of your sleep and it’s impact on your performance. The nutritional expert will in turn provide you with a nutritional questionnaire and logbook in order to personalise his expertise to your most urgent needs. Finally a para-medical test battery is performed to examine your musculoskeletal starting point. 


During your daily monitoring and coaching you will be working with a smartwatch which will connect all data, like your GPS track, altimeters, heart rate, pace, and so fourth. Arriving back home or at the office, your watch will automatically synchronise and upload your workout data to your coach. Through the application we use you will be able to subjectively score your session with a smiley and a number on 10. Before you had the chance to untie your laces you will have received a short feedback of your coach regarding your workout. 

In this manner we are guaranteed of rigorous and constant monitoring of your objective and subjective data empowering us to adjust and tweak your schedule to your every day life events and circumstances.